Link to FREE DOWNLOAD! Knights on Earth “Gentle Spoken Fight”

Knights On Earth’s music is somehow relaxed and cathartic at the same time.  They have this innate beauty that seems to bring people to tears.  Like regularly.  I myself have lost it a few times while sitting in Rockwood Music Hall where they have held monthly residency over the past year or 2.  And more than one friend told me she lost it at their CD release party at LPR last month.

A true original, this band is.

Here’s their new single:

Gentle Spoken Fight

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\”Odessa\” – Hylofi

Odessa is definitely something of a departure for Hylofi whose “industrial-samba-funk” is put on hold for a moment of acoustic introspection. In addition to the regular members of Hylofi, it features the Bulgarian singer Vlada Tomova who performs with Balkan Beat Box, and Stuart Bogie and Eric Biondo of Antibalas on tenor sax and trumpet, respectively.

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another good sly interview

ok well the other one is just kind of funny cuz he’s so stoned in it, but this one is actually thoughtful. what a beautiful musician.  also classic, but fo real this time

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Damn Sly!!!

Not much to say about this interview…


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i love this kid

thanks miles!

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Special Unannounced Thought Show this Thursday in Williamsburg

So i just heard that Thought is doing a set @ Spike Hill (Bedford & N. 7th St) this thursday @ 10pm.   there are +’s and -‘s to this bar, and maybe more +’s considering its always free, they have fairly cheap drinks, it is conveniently located, and it sounds pretty good in that room.

no cover. see you there.

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Wedding Crashers

I don’t know about you but I have my fair share of weddings to attend this summer, and they are sending me all over this freakin’ country.  Literally, one week in Maine, the next in  Seattle.   Not that I am complaining, weddings are great and I love the excuses that weddings give you for public intoxication and disturbing behavioral outbursts prompted by public intoxication.   I will periodically be adding embarrassing wedding videos over the summer so enjoy these gems, and really, try not to get to this point illustrated by the lady above.

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