New Beyondo full length album: Gold Tone— name your own price. Seriously. Best $ you have spent all week

Beyondo \”Gold Tone\”

I could review the album and go track by track, praising it up and down, but in this case, I think it might just be better to let you know that you can listen to it for FREE and decide yourself. Then, when you undoubtably decide to purchase it, you can pay whatever you want (a la Radiohead’s In Rainbows).

“Every song was built on an improvisation with the intent of capturing the honesty of first-time feelings that cannot be replicated in second-time reenactments. Church-evoking brass chorals give birth to soulful funk grooves of fever-dream soundtracks. ”

Do not sleep on downloading this album .  I am already on my 4th listen and its still getting better.

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i am an avid cyclist, baritonist, dance-hall aficionado, and allergic to dogs but not cats. also a vegetarian.
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