Just Announced: June 16 @ Rockwood Stage 2- Michael Leonhart & the Avramina 7 + Beyondo

Oh this show is gonna be a hot one.   2 of the best bands in NYC are sharing the bill on June 16th at the new Rockwood Music Hall venue (which is right next to the old one on Allen St. but is much bigger i hear)

Beyondo is led by trumpeter/comedian Eric Biondo who is a member of Antibalas and  has recorded with everyone from TV On The Radio to Spoon.  His band is amazing too, don’t miss it.

Beyondo- Eric Biondo, best known in some circles as a trumpeter with the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, has long been making oddly arresting music as a singer-songwriter.
Chinen – New York Times, August 3, 2007 (Aug 3, 2007)

Michael Leonhart and the Avramina 7 just released their debut album “The Seahorse and the Storyteller” on Truth and Soul Records.

Born into a musical family, Michael Leonhart has been making waves in the music and entertainment world since he was 17, when he was honored as the youngest Grammy recipient in history. Since then, he has become a highly sought after trumpet player, producer, composer, songwriter, and arranger.

Over the past 10 years, Michael Leonhart has performed and/or recorded with some of the best names in music. Some of those names include Yoko Ono, Mos Def, Steely Dan, Brian Eno, James Brown, Bill Withers, David Byrne, and Todd Rundgren, not to mention the 50 plus recordings he has appeared on for Truth & Soul. However, “Seahorse and The Storyteller” is the first time the world will be exposed to the psychedelic, reverb drenched, and highly intimate music that has surfaced solely from the imagination of Michael Leonhart.

While on the road with Steely Dan in 2005, Leonhart came up with the idea to record a concept record that would meld the styles of Bollywood funk scores, 60’s psychedelic rock, and the mythical storytelling of artists like The Beatles and Donovan. “Seahorse and The Storyteller” is a modern musical opera that in the words of Leonhart, “tells the story of two mythical creatures who meet, fall in love and begin piecing together the mysteries of each others past.”

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